Cold Smoke


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This kitchen is custom in every meaning of the word. Slab inset doors are truly something different. To do inset cabinetry correctly the kitchen needs to be designed so we can gang cabinet runs together eliminating seams and wasted space between cabinetry. This entire kitchen perimeter was done in only 8 cabinets. The appliances are all flush installed. We have a huge 14″ straight crown scribed to the ceiling. Appliance garages are always popular but sometimes are cumbersome, and we decided on a tip up pocket door for full access to the appliances and dishes, while still being able to use the cabinetry above. This kitchen was built by Crystal Cabinet Works and is and will forever be one of our favorite projects.


Bridger Hills 1

This is a custom house in the Bridger Hills. The perimeter and island are both custom finishes from Crystal Cabinet Works. The island is Rustic

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